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Posted by on Oct 22, 2015 in Crafts, Printables | 0 comments

Free Halloween Printable Treat Box Template

Free Halloween Treat Box Printable Template

Hi There!

I’ve been getting a little crafty, and wanted to up my game this Halloween! I wanted to hand out little boxes rather than have kids dig into a bucket for trick-or-treating.  More fun, right?  So, I designed this little pumpkin cutie.

The PDF template can be downloaded here- Pixie Budget Halloween Pumpkin Box


Here’s what you’ll need-

  • Cardstock or Photo Paper
  • Exacto or Utility Knife
  • Scissors
  • Candy or Halloween Toy
  • PDF Template
  • Ruler (optional)


Start by printing the PDF template on cardstock or photo paper.  Make sure your printer settings are at “actual size”, otherwise the boxes might be a bit smaller than shown.

Pixie Budget Halloween Pumpkin Box

Cut it out with a pair of scissors.  Then, with an Exacto or utility knife, slice the two flaps.  Use a ruler to make this cut neat and easy.

Pixie Budget Halloween Pumpkin Box Printable

Gently fold the four flaps.

Free Halloween Pumpkin Treat Box Template

Add your candy or Halloween treat!

Free Halloween Pumpkin Treat Box Template

Grab the two shorter ends and bring together.  Gently push down, and fold the longer ends over the stem.

(This photo doesn’t contain delicious candy, but you get the idea!)

Free Halloween Pumpkin Treat Box Template


Free Halloween Pumpkin Treat Box Template

I got these cute little Halloween Rubber Duckies (ad- affiliate link) from Amazon, and they fit perfectly into the box! Great for class parties, teal pumpkins, or a just a great non-candy Halloween treat!


This box is free for download, but I do have other premium party boxes available in my Etsy store.  These boxes are for one-time personal use and not for distribution.  If you would like to post this treat box elsewhere please credit, and link back to this page.  Thank you so much!

Enjoy!  Happy Halloween!

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