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Posted by on Nov 16, 2014 in Deals | 0 comments

How to get the best deals on Black Friday

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links which help support this site.  Thank you for using our links! 


How to get the best deals on Black Friday

I always look forward to Black Friday! It’s an event in our family, and we stretch our dollar as far as humanly possible.  This often results in HUGE smiles on Christmas Day.

So, how can you get the best deals on Black Friday?  Here are tips our family follows;

First, start with a pad and paper and determine your overall Christmas budget. Write down the names of those who you want to purchase gifts for, and maybe some ideas for each person. Also set an individual budget for each person or gift.  If you need something additional for your home like new pots and pans, linens, etc., set a budget for those items as well.

Next, go to the Black Friday section of Here you’ll find Black Friday flyers from each of your favorite stores like Walmart, Target, Kohls, Toys R Us, and Macy’s.  More and more flyers are listed each day. As you’re browsing through the flyers write down items you are interested in and the price. Write down the time each deal becomes available as well.

If the majority of items come from one particular store, or if there is one big expensive item, consider purchasing a discounted gift card from You may be able to save an extra 5% off the already reduced Black Friday prices by paying with a discounted gift card. The actual percentage of savings varies based on store and availability.

Check credit card offers, too.  I primarily use American Express, and there are often has exclusive offers to save to your card.  This might be something like spend $50 at XX store, and receive a $25 account statement credit.  With American Express be sure to save Small Business Saturday offers as well.  I was able to save this offer to my card today by logging on to my account and adding it to my card.  This allows me to spend $10 at 3 small businesses for free!  Yes, please!

Try to purchase as many items online as possible to avoid crowds. I’ll get up super early Thanksgiving morning (or late the night before) to catch as many deals as soon as they are posted online.  Make notes of Amazon Lightning Deals and set a reminder to your phone.

When purchasing anything online, try to go through a shopping mall that earns cash back like, or earns airline miles like those with Virgin America, Southwest, JetBlue, etc. This might yield a few extra dollars or miles.  However, do be aware that rebates with Amazon are not always available.

When you do brave the crowds, make a list of exactly what items are needed at each store, the hours of that store, and when the deal becomes available. Clip any coupons and attach to the list.  This maximizes time, so you’re able to grab as many deals as possible. Look for free giveaways too, there could be free coffee and donuts, or a free ornament.


So in review, follow these tips to score the best deals;

  • Set an overall budget, as well as an individual budget for each person or gift
  • Browse Black Friday ad flyers at
  • Purchase discounted gift cards at to save more
  • Check all credit card offers available to you, and if you have an American Express, be sure to sign up for Small Business Saturday.
  • Get up early Thanksgiving morning to catch as many deals online before the crowds
  • Set reminders on your phone for Amazon Lightning Deals
  • Shop through an online mall like to get extra cash back or airline miles
  • Make a list of items needed to be purchased at brick and mortar locations.  Organize by store location, hours, and the time deals become available.


Do you have a tip to get the best deal on Black Friday?  Let us know in the comments!


Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links which help support this site.  Thank you for using our links! 

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