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Posted by on Oct 2, 2013 in Crafts | 0 comments

Simple DIY Princess Tutu

In an effort to find the best (and least expensive!) Halloween costume for my daughter, I started researching how to make a tutu. It’s actually pretty simple, and doesn’t require any sewing or glueing!  An older girl could probably make her own, too.

I looked at a number of online tutorials, but combined what what worked for me.

What you’ll need-
3 spools of 6″ x 25 yard colored tulle
Elastic headband or ribbon

About 45 minutes

I began with a spool of purple tulle from Walmart which cost $2.97.


Take a piece of cardboard, and measure how long you’d like the tutu. You can cut or tape the cardboard into that length.


Wrap the tulle around the cardboard-


And then carefully cut the tulle once-


Measure around the child’s waist. I used ribbon and marked two spots, leaving about 12″ on either side to create the bow.


From here, you’ll want to fold the tulle strips in half lengthwise, and then fold in half again for the width.


Loop the tulle around the ribbon, much like a tie, and pull tight.





Bunch the ties together. The tighter you bunch the tulle, the fuller the skirt.

Cozy up by the tv, and keep adding tulle to get the desired look.

I used one spool of tulle, but this wasn’t nearly enough, a fuller tutu would probably use 2-3 spools, or even more for a long skirt.

Here was the end result-


Next time I might also use an elastic headband so that the tutu can easily be taken on and off.

The tutu could be combined with a princess shirt for a cute little costume that’s cost-effective. Perfect for wearing in Disney Parks!

I think I may use it to dress-up an inexpensive Halloween costume!

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