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Posted by on May 7, 2013 in Deals | 0 comments

Great Disney Finds at Target!

I was in my local Target (Renton, WA) recently and found some terrific deals on Disney merchandise.  Yay!

First up, an entire endcap of Disney merchandise for under $5!  The best part, much of it was on sale!  The sale is running until 5/18.  This would be the time to pick up some small toys for the airplane ride to Disney, or small souvenirs for your next vacation.  Heck, they could even be stocking stuffers, or party favors!  The endcap was located in the toy section.


I found a few items definitely worth noting.  First, a light-up Cinderella (Belle was also available) for $5.  What makes this item so much of a deal is that Disney World sells similar light-up wands for much, much more during nighttime fireworks shows.  You could bring something like this from home and save a bundle.


There were also more traditional light-up wands on sale for $4.




I also found a good selection of Disney T-shirts on clearance for $6.30.  These were in the toddler section.



There was actually a lot of clearance in the store all-around, including some great deals in the food section.  Of course your local Target may have an entirely different selection, but may definitely be worth the trip!




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