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Posted by on Feb 3, 2016 in All Things Disney, Crafts, Printables | 2 comments

Disney Countdown Calendar – Free Printable!


What’s the best part of planning a Disney vacation?  The anticipation of course!  So, I created a free printable Disney countdown calendar to get the excitement going!

Here’s what you’ll need-


Let’s put it together-

In the PDF, make sure the printer settings are at “actual size”, and print on cardstock or photo paper,

I found it easiest to cut out the window first.  Use an Exacto knife, and for a more precise cut, use a ruler as a guide.  If you don’t have an Exacto knife, scissors could also be used.

Days Until Disney Countdown Calendar

Very carefully cut out all the pieces-

Mickey Countdown Calendar

In truth, I cheated a bit and used my Brother Scan N Cut to digitally cut most pieces.  I used the “direct cut” function, and selected the areas to cut.  If you don’t have a digital cutter, no worries, just take your time with a pair of sharp scissors.

Scan N Cut Disney Countdown Calendar

Next, punch two holes at the top of the flag-

Days Til Disney Calendar

You can optionally glue the large Mickey head to the flag for more support.  Line up the gray dots as best as you can-

Countdown Clock Disney

Next, we’ll line up the gray dots on the remaining pieces and grab the paper fastener brad-


I found scoring the gray dots with the Exacto knife made the paper fastener go through easier and without any extra creasing.  Also helpful, try to go through one sheet at a time rather than the whole bunch at once.

Countdown to Disney Printable Calendar

Punch through and spread the fastener ends-

Disney Countdown Calendar Clock Printable

Add some ribbon or string and you’ve got an awesome Disney countdown calendar!

Disney Countdown Calendar

Spin the white interior wheel each day to give the current countdown.

Each wheel holds a two-week countdown.  Change the wheel as often as needed.  The PDF allows for as much as a 98-day countdown!

Tip: If at any point the pieces start to curl, remove the paper fastener brad and place the sheets between two heavy books overnight.


Enjoy and have a fantastic time at Disney! 🙂


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