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Posted by on Apr 24, 2014 in Trip Reports | 0 comments

Seattle Seahawks Glow 5K Recap

Miss V and I recently attempted the Seattle Seahawks Glow 5K walk/run.  You can read my pre-race post here.  For me, completing the 5K was well beyond my comfort zone.  But, this isn’t my first 5K…  Oh no.  Back in high school I played field hockey competitively, and on occasion the coach would make us run the local 5K course.  I hated it.  I would be in the back yelling (in my best Austin Powers voice), “I’m a lover, not a runner, baby!”

Even in my top physical form, I felt like I was going to die afterwards.  Sprinting was my thing.  Distance running, not so much..

As I mentioned previously, I was going to walk this event due to some major knee issues.  There was a lot of doubt on whether I would wimp out..  Mostly coming from myself..

So, the morning of the 13th came.  We arrived at last minute because Miss V was in the stroller, and as most toddlers do, she gets antsy.  We were in the very back of the pack.

We did have to wait some time for the thousands of runners to be queued ahead of us.  Miss V wasn’t a big fan of the loud speakers, or the major crowds.  She was freaking a bit.  I did my best to comfort her.


Soon the confetti went off and it was time to walk!

sea13 sea12

I haven’t figured out who this guy is, but he sure looks official!


At the first opportunity I pulled over to give Miss V a pep talk, and let her know this was all ok.  She seemed better and better as we walked on.


The first mile was crowded, and it seemed to take forever to get the to the first mile marker.


It’s Brown Bear! 🙂


We walked, and walked.   12th Man spirit was everywhere!


By the second mile, I was getting a nice stride down.  Having water in the stroller surely helped.



Then, the finish line approached.  I didn’t feel like I was going to die, but actually felt… good.



I had accomplished something that I never thought I would, at least willingly.  So, why did I decide to do this 5K?  Because sometimes in life you have to challenge yourself.  Do the unexpected.

If you’re on the fence about doing a 5K, I’d say just do it.  You’ll never know unless you try.

I think I’ll do this event next year, and maybe another in the near future..  RunDisney?  Who knows!  We’ll see #whatsnext.



Read more about the Seattle Seahawks 12K run and Glow 5K Walk/Run at the official site


Tell me about your 5K experiences in the comments below!




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