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Posted by on Feb 16, 2014 in All Things Disney, Crafts | 0 comments

Wreck-It Ralph Birthday Party

Hi There!

As you may know I was recently chosen to host a #DisneySide @Home celebration. Instead of throwing a party for friends and family I decided to show my Disney Side and give back by sending some magic to those who could really use it. I’m working with Birthday Dreams, an organization that throws parties for homeless kids.

A child recently requested a Wreck-It Ralph-themed party, and how could I refuse? Our family loves Wreck-It Ralph. So, I signed up to donate all the party supplies.

I had 48 hours to turn in all decorations, so my brain was working in overdrive!  Cake, gifts and delivery were to be donated separately.

Ok, so what would a kid turning 6 want from a Wreck-It Ralph party? One word: CANDY! I set out to create a “Sugar Rush” candy bar, where the kids could fill bags of their favorite sweets.

I ordered Wreck-It Ralph balloons and plates from Amazon, and thankfully due to Prime I was able to receive them on time.



Most of my shopping was done at Dollar Tree where I picked up solid-colored cups, napkins, table cover, utensils, a card, candy vessels, candles, streamers and most importantly; candy.

The rest was filled out at Walmart, Big Lots, Party City, and Costco.



I tried to include as much candy from the movie like Mentos, Laffy Taffy, gummy bears, gummy worms, gum drops, pink wafer cookies and cotton candy.

I also made a really simple craft; Hero’s Duty medals made with large gold chocolate coins (10 for $1 at Party City) and blue ribbon from Walmart (just $1).


I would have gotten a lot more crafty, but my printer decided to go on the fritz, and I’m now in the market for a new one.  I was limited to black and white prints, so I also printed coloring sheets on card stock. It was pretty simple to add “Eric’s 6th Birthday Party” by opening the PDF from in Photoshop.

wreck-it-ralph-coloring page

Finally, I printed placards for the candy bar and chocolate medals.  Since I couldn’t print in color, I got out my scrapbooking paper.


For Sugar Rush I lined the inside with a contrasting color. For Hero’s Duty, I took a piece of red textured scrapbook paper and drew bricks with a Sharpie.


Hopefully Eric loves his party!


To learn more about Birthday Dreams, and how you can help through donation or volunteerism, visit their official website!





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