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Posted by on Nov 3, 2013 in Deals | 2 comments

Luggage is expensive. My thoughts on purchasing a new luggage set.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links which help support this site.  Please see “Terms and Conditions” for more information


So, I’ve spent the last few weeks looking at luggage.  What’s the bottom line?  Luggage is expensive.  But I’ve learned a few things in the process, and can hopefully share a few tips to save time and money.

A little backstory.

Hubby and I each purchased a cheap luggage set in college.  Both were nearly identical except mine was from Walmart and his from Target.  We combined the sets when we moved in together.  Fast forward 7 years, every single one of those pieces has busted up or is otherwise unusable.

For the last two trips I’ve used a super-cheap option, an extendable duffle bag from Walmart-

Protege 32″ Expandable Rolling Duffel Bag, Black

It’s a steal at $14, and has so far held up well.  The pros, it has wheels, and when not in use it folds down and zips up into a little square.  The drawbacks, the wheels only work well when the bag is completely stuffed full.  Otherwise it becomes a little difficult to control.  I’ve had success with the bag, but fear I’m just a little tug on the zipper away from having my clothes all over the airport.  However, a luggage strap might make things a bit more secure.


We’re planning a big trip and need new luggage before Black Friday. I’ve been researching so much my brain hurts.


The best options so far.

TJ Maxx, Ross, and Burlington Coat Factory.  Each has name-brand single-piece luggage at decent (i.e. under $100) pricing.  The edge goes to Ross for being slightly lower in comparing identical items.  We found good Samsonite options at all three locations.  Walmart and Target both have lower-cost options, but appear to be a poor value when compared to the Maxxonista options for the same price.

Burlington Coat Factory has a coupon for 20% off one item in-store when you sign up for the email list.

You could also combine a discounted gift card to reduce costs a bit more.


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

Costco has a Samsonite Dual 360 Spinner Set set that looks great for $130, but even better, it’s currently on sale for $99 through 11/10.

The Dual 360 Expandable Spinner Set.

I’ve tested it in the store, and the wheels really glide with ease, and everything appears to be sturdy.  We plan on picking up this set next week.

Of course we’ll be adding our Pomchies Pom-ID (read the review here)


One more thing, we purchased a Melissa & Doug Trunki with all the accessories some time ago for Miss V., but have yet to actually use it on a trip.


The idea is that small children can ride the Trunki.  Parents can pull using the provided strap, or the child can scoot themselves.  The Trunki runs about $30 on  and comes in a variety of colors. The Saddlebag is an additional $11 or so.

In my experience using it around the house, it’s more of a novelty than functional.  The locking mechanism is cumbersome to get anything in and out quickly.  In addition, we purchased the saddle which adds one more layer to opening the Trunki.  The wheels really only go in a straight line, so pulling a little one through the airport may be difficult at best.  However, it’s colorful and the saddle has a little squeaker.  It might be good entertainment while waiting in the terminal.  It would also fit easily in the overhead compartment.


Have you found a great deal on luggage? Let me know in the comments!


Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links which help support this site.  Please see “Terms and Conditions” for more information


  1. I’ve tried out many sets of luggage and agree that you can spend A LOT of money on a good luggage set. After traveling with cheap luggage, and expensive luggage, I have to say I am really loving my American Tourist set. It is not too bad, but I haven’t had any problems with it yet. Thanks for the information. I do have to try that Trunki for the kids!

    • I’ll have to try American Tourister next time! I’ve seen bunches of good reviews lately! 🙂

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