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Posted by on Jun 6, 2013 in Informatical | 0 comments

Skillshare– Learn and Potentially Earn Cash

So, there’s a site gaining a lot of steam  I’m really interested in it, too.  The basis of the site is to learn a skill from someone else for a small cost, usually $20 – $25.  I recently enrolled in a couple of classes, and so far so good.  I’m learning some new makeup skills, creativity with kids, and website SEO.

What I find most interesting is that anyone can teach a class.  Classes are taught online or in person.  You don’t need an advanced degree either.  You just need an interesting skill in design, technology, fashion or entrepreneurship.  You’ll need some video expertise for online courses as well.  One final requirement is having previously taken a Skillshare course.  However, there are free classes, some of them really great too.

Skillshare currently takes a 12% commission on class fees.  So, if you have 100 students taking an online course for $20 each, you could potentially earn some serious cash.  Of course there’s going to be PayPal and credit card fees, advertising fees, and taxes.  Many classes have an “award” that would need to paid out as well.   All in all, teaching is something that I’m definitely interested in, and actively seeking out.  My own background is in fine art, so you might just see a painting course in the near future!

I really think teaching could be a great way to earn a little vacation money.  And I’m always down for learning!


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